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Video Genesis Bonus Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime are sick of seeing terrible marketing videos, and have put together an awesome product called Video Genesis. In Video Genesis, they are showing what the top mistakes are that many video markers make and how to quickly fix them.

Video Genesis helps you understand all about proper video techniques like video framing, cameras, microphones, audio levels, graphics and much more.

Since I think Video Genesis is an amazing product, I have created a HUGE bonus for the product.

Video Genesis Bonus 1 A Pocket Video Pro Kit - an iPhone tripod mount, mini tripod and lapel microphone so you can use your smartphone to shoot amazing videos, just like Mike and Andy

Video Genesis Bonus 2 A royalty free music pack - A great variety of music that you can legally use in your videos without YouTube slapping your videos.

Video Genesis Bonus 3 A set of video marketing graphics, including lower thirds, video backgrounds, buttons, headers and more.

Video Genesis Bonus 4 A full graphics pack - This includes not only graphics you can use in videos, but graphics you can use in your video web pages, Facebook Pages and more!

Video Genesis Bonus 5 Call to Action Videos - A set of videos you can add to the end of your videos to get people to subscribe, opt-in, like your videos and much more.

Video Genesis Bonus 6 YouTube Market Crusher - The award-winning YouTube training course that teaches you EVERYTHING about YouTube, including how to upload and optimize your videos, how to set up your channel, ChannelArt, OneChannel and much more.

Video Genesis Bonus 7 YouTube support pack - This includes a ChannelArt templaye, thumbnail template and more!



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