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The giveaway is the biggest contest for Free Silver right now – are you in? These days, you need to grab some of this before it’s all gone.

The Giveaway – What is it?

As far as I know, the giveaway is the world’s largest giveaway of free silver – ever!

Numis network is on a mission to educate and empower people to improve their financial health. If you think about it, with the world’s financial systems in crisis, everyone is facing a future where the majority of the population is financially sick!

So Numis Network wants to start people on a healthy path to collecting and building assets with pure silver. So they are giving away 10 Million dollars worth of free silver in the Giveaway in order to do so!

How does the giveaway work?

It’s a simple contest. How to win? When you enter the giveaway, your name is added to the list of entries. Every single day someone is randomly selected from the list.

Winners are called (so make sure you enter a real phone number) to verify shipping address and one ounce of pure silver is mailed to them. But not just silver, it is a rare certified, MS70 silver coin worth over $100!

Go ahead and register now for the giveaway. Once you register, John Domzalski will send you 1 gram of actual silver for free from me – that's his way of saying thanks for learning about this great cause! With freebies like this, it’s just crazy not to jump in!

For more information on The Giveaway, visit



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