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It is amazing how things change therefore rapidly, and it seems like just a couple of years back we were looking at actually mean-spirited shows in-the troktikos about President Bush. Throughout that time President Obama can do nothing wrong, but now the tables have turned, and voters have spoken. One bumper sticker I lately read said; 'Voted for Obama? How Is That Exercising for You?'

Comics and late-night talk-show hosts are likely to have a field day with this last election, and most of the jokes will be on Obama, no one will be laughing with him, instead every one will be laughing at him. Nevertheless, just as the election polls closed and the outcomes were completed, President Obama became popular together with his entourage of a few hundred visitors to Asia and India. In grand style they'll be residing at the Tajo Mahal, and Obama will give one of his famous Teleprompter readings for the parliament in India.

Apparently, the National government doesn't understand that India does not take too kindly to the show of such power and power. Long in their history they've been against superior authority and power, which was viewed by Gandhi's Salt March to the sea in his protests. It will be very interesting to find out what the cartoonists, comics, and talk-show hosts say about this relatively expensive journey on the taxpayer's dollar.

It seems that Obama is leaving a trail of dust in his wake of not only their own party, however the American economy. In some regards people might say the joke is o-n us, but that is likely to rapidly change. I assume the characters are certain to get more powerful and disturbingly candid about Obama's re-election future, and what the tea party calls; 'his piss-poor control.' Indeed, obviously this is something I wish you please consider.

This can be a effective topic that's often over-looked. The age of the net has unhealthy public heads for in the last 20 years or more. Individuals still read printed material whatever the internet trend. I-t amazes me when I know just how many people have a tendency to associate the internet with scandalous activity. Printed text is looked upon more trust worthy. That is obviously ridiculous, nevertheless it obviously holds true for public recognition. The mass appeal ( at that time of this writing) remains with printed text, in terms of safety. The typical reader really believes published text is more reliable. It is probably since they think there's more analysis involved with writing information papers, books and magazines. You really may understand that, at the time of the writing analysis exists in both media forms. It is our experience to-see web safety measures on a single level as printed material today. One type is not any safer then the other. This is like trying to evaluate which is more blue, a blue crayon or the sky on a warm day. We acknowledge, in general people is actually 'seasonally impressionable.'

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