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Some of the most regularly asked questions that appears to be the hardest to answer is, how exactly to kizi asik etmek. This is without a doubt one of the most popular question I get asked consistently. You'd believe that this is an easy question to answer for me. Unfortunately, from the standpoint of the question asker, what I discovered it is not the simplest to grasp. Therefore I'm going to try to break down even further to much more simpler terms.

In the event that you read my past articles you would know what I'm referring to. All my advice is broken down into chunks. Basically it means that I do not need to give out too much information in the beginning since it will get a whole lot more complex. I just give out a brief overview after which begin with the basics. Then with the basic principles and I drill it down from the fundamentals of the basics. Finally if possible drill it down again. So I function on the simplest terms first and then build it right on the top of it. That is known as chunking.

Okay, let us start off with my first technique on how best to kizlarla konusma. One point that the girls really enjoy is to get a guy to get confidence. I am unable to emphasize the importance in having confidence. Women love someone that is quite comfortable inside their own skin. Remember, by nature girls like a man to take control and be the manager. It is one among those things that hard wired into the brains of girls. Think about the cave man principle I have discussed before. In the beginning the guy was hunters and gathers while the girls took care of the camp and children. They relied on the men to bring them food and protection.

Now I understand what you're believing that this sounds sexist and this does not connect to modern times. But, trust me I am really much right on this. Society of now may not admit to this but you can not challenge the fact that this is all hard wired into our brains. Girls want to be secured and protected by their own man. While the guys on the other hand need their women to be hot and amazing.

Keep in mind to keep on telling yourself that “I am confident and I will talk to many girls.” This simple affirmation ought to be said on a daily basis. I would even say it right before I approach a girl to speak too.

My second technique on the best way to speak to girls would be to pay attention to her and let her do the talking. When I say pay attention to her, it just doesn't mean simply listen to her words. Look at her body language. Observe her unspoken words. Just continue her talking and find signals in her so she can continue to talk more. For instance, if she talks about her favorite vacation spot, notice how she continues to lick her lips as she tells you how she loved to drink long island ice teas by the seashore. Licking lips is a very good telling signal that she really enjoys it. Build upon that and let her talk some more about this Learn More.



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