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First of all, thank you for the opportunity to the owner of the publication of the article. Thank you very much. Posted information relates to the technical specification granite sink.

Brenor Leste - Specifications

Includes: - Template to cut a hole in the kitchen counter - Automatic drain trap + (with strainer) - Mounting Brackets - Sink installation instructions - Recommendations for Use - Carton plus the transport

Features: - sink granite produced in Poland - Warranty ('s brenor) - 25 years - NIH approved, CE marking - Resistance to high temperatures - up to 230 ° C - Easy to clean - The size of the cabinet under the sink - foundation of 80 cm - Sink dimensions: 77.5 cm by 50 cm high chamber dimensions 46 cm x 42 cm, small 21 cm x 32 cm - A large chamber depth: 17 cm, small: 13 cm - Trap with connection for washing - Outflow standard 3 1/2 “in the side of the large chamber overflow hole

Ingredients: - 80% of the granite sands - 20% of acrylic resins

The term standard - from 7 to 14 days Sink is manufactured after ordering customer, which is why the term is defined in the “cradle” of time. Production is dependent on several factors and therefore do not give a specific day of shipment. Upon granting send an e-mail with the number of the bill of lading, the most common sink is served in about 5 to 7 days of order.

Product Note Another uncommon proposal firmly rooted in the tradition of robust and resistant to attack by factors occurring during ongoing operation - equipment produced in the country with indigenous ingredients. Available colors allows you to freely choose the most optimal offer. Strongly accentuated contours of individual structures perfectly fit into the overall outline of exposed features. Given the limits of the conditions in which Leste 15 may work, it is virtually - like the rest of the national origin of granite sinks - equipment imperishable, and the exacting standards of strength more than twice greater than the temperature which usually is subjected. Significant, visible, distinctive in plus - among other - detail fitted modern kitchen. Full specifications - Brenor Leste



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