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Owing to its wide application, Teflon is called “the king of plastics”. This is a sort of synthetic polymer material. The skeleton of Teflon is carbon atom. And the fluorine atom is evenly dispersed round the carbon atom and forms the streamlined protective screen. Therefore, PTFE Tube has got the very exceptional physical mechanical property. It may not only resist the strong acid, strong alkali and strong oxidant but also can bear heat. To a point, its property surpasses the property of glass, ceramic, stainless steel and gold. Its working temperature ranges from-100 to 100 Celsius degrees. Its operating pressure is 10 MPa. What is more, Teflon doesn't easily become older or isn't easily burned. The home of the water absorption is nearly equal to zero. In the regular scenario, the PTFE has no harm to people's health, but in the course of production some raw materials are seen as the carcinogenic substance. With the invention of PTFE, it is of great importance for the industry, because it solves a lot of difficulties in the chemical sector, petroleum business and pharmacy industry. It has been extensively used as the primary sealing material and filling material.

As a sort of sealing material, PTFE is used by diverse modes. The good corrosion resistance, constant physical property and temperature endurance make contribute to its outstanding sealability. As a result, it is quite pertinent in the following businesses, such as petroleum, chemical, electrical and steel. The appropriate media are also in a wide range, including water, oil, acid liquid and other chemical liquid. PTFE gasket is one of many typical applications for the PTFE material. As its name implies, the so-called PTFE gasket is a sort of gasket that is produced through cutting the PTFE Rod, pipe or plate. The principal stuff is PTFE and so this gasket naturally inherits all characteristics of PTFE. It includes flat gasket, V-gasket, piston ring and ball valve gasket. The PTFE gasket is characterized by the following features, for example corrosion resistance, aging resistance and non conductivity.

Next, PTFE is also a type of filtering material. As a brand new substance, the PTFE could be compounded with other fabric. Then they can create the filtering bag or the water-proof sport suits. At the similar time, this compound can be utilized to filter different solvents or gases within the pharmacy industry.

Third, PTFE is also the perfect material for bearing. The bearing made of PTFE may be utilized in the paper-making or textile industries. In Any Case, this bearing is suitable to work under the high-temperature or highpressure conditions.

Common Applications of PTFE

There are several ways PTFE can be utilized. Here are a few of the very most typical industries that use this kind of material:

– Pharmaceuticals - PTFE coatings are important in the pharmaceutical sector because they provide over braid seals and strength and ease when cleaning and purging the system. The pharmaceutical sector has really high standards for all supplies used within it, and Teflon meets or exceeds these high standards.

– Automotive - Many vehicles use PTFE components, particularly in air brake systems in which constructions made of over braided hoses are needed. PTFE can endure some incredibly high temperatures, which makes it ideal for use in the outside edge of air compressors. Also PTFE works to reduce deposits of carbon particles, therefore it is very helpful in all kinds of automotive applications.

– Cryogenic - In addition to being able to withstand extremely high temperatures, it may also withstand the really low temperatures used within the cryogenics business. This stuff is ideal for use in hydraulic hoses, piston rings, fuel lines, or liquid air systems.

– Chemical industry - You'll often find PTFE in hoses that are used to transfer substances, connectors, and lines for merchandise interchange. Refrigeration systems and steam lines also contain Teflon. The material generally replaces corrugated, stainless steel hoses view soure.



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